Did Your Check Engine Light Just Turn On?

Find out what's wrong by running engine diagnostics in Sacramento, CA

A lit-up check engine light is never a good sign. Your first thought might fly to the potential repair bill, but that shouldn't keep you from getting your car checked out. Your first order of business should be to schedule an engine diagnostics appointment at an auto shop in Sacramento, CA.

When you take your vehicle to Tito's Towing And Repair for repairs, you'll benefit from an experienced team of mechanics. We provide affordable engine diagnostics for domestic and imported vehicles.

Don't stress over car problems. Visit our auto shop in Sacramento, CA today for high-quality repair services.

How can we help?

How can we help?

Tito's Towing And Repair can handle any type of engine repairs, from oil and filter changes to tuneups and major overhauls. Our auto shop in Sacramento, CA also provides engine rebuilding service when your engine is beyond repair. If your car.....

  • Won't start when you turn the ignition
  • Vibrates intensly when running
  • Has low oil levels or is leaking oil
  • Is overheating from a lack of coolant

...then you should schedule engine diagnostics right away. If you notice excessive smoke coming from your engine, or if you notice that you're using more fuel than usual, then you'd likely benefit from an engine rebuilding service.

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